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Does Your Babysitter Know Where The Fire Extinguisher Is?

Learn how to give caregivers all the resources they need to successfully meet your expectations and be perfectly prepared for emergencies

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Does your caregiver have all the information they need?

Managing caregivers can be an exceptionally difficult task. Maintaining the delicate balance of providing everything needed in an up-to-date package that can be easily referenced is an ongoing challenge. The basic information is easy to get across. But giving them all the resources they need to truly succeed and meet your expectations is tough. And what if the worst happens?

My wife and I have two young kids and I often think about preventing emergencies when we hire a baby sitter. If well equipped, a babysitter can handle most issues without a problem. But there are so many obscure things that can come up, how can you cover them all?

Writing instructions down in a notebook can get out of date quickly and likely isn’t going to get read. It is also useless if the babysitter and the kids are out. Emails are an option, but they often become long and cumbersome, aren’t searchable, and it can feel a little insecure to share that much information in such a permanent way.

We’ve often told ourselves that should an issue occur, that we’re just a call away. But the truth is, it’s easy to miss a call in a movie or a loud restaurant. Plus even if you did hear the call, time-sensitive issues would better be served by a perfectly prepared caregiver, not someone who needs verbal guidance on how to find the epi-pen.

Fortunately, we have been creating the ultimate caregiver resource in the House Manual app. It makes it so that all the information you document for yourselves can be privately selected and shared with caregivers as well. Think home safety information, kids’ medical records, emergency water and gas shutoffs, phone numbers, activity schedules, routines and more all documented in one place and temporarily sharable with anyone.

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Private Sharing allows users to quickly select and share important information securely

The beauty is that with House Manual, a caregiver doesn’t have to read everything at once, they can simply use it as a reference and search for the item they need when they need it. It works on any device, including every smartphone (iOS, Android, or anything else), and is available wherever they are. It is updated in real-time. So if a soccer practice pickup time is changed, or information about your outing is updated, you can post it in real-time for the caregiver to see.

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Caregivers can recieve your privately shared information for free on any device.

One time we had the carbon monoxide alarm malfunction while on a date night and screech through the house non-stop. It wasn’t a serious emergency, but it did require me to come home…and for the baby sitter and kids to wait outside while I sorted it out. We could have easily written it down in the babysitter email, but that level of detail could lead to a pretty long read! Plus it is so obscure that we just didn’t think of it. But the truth was that our whole household should know what the alarm means for one and how to manage it if it malfunctions again, as they tend to do.

So now you can leave your babysitter or any other caregiver with as much information as they’ll ever need in just a few taps. Any House Manual Posts (your notes about a specific item) can be shared as a group and then viewed on any device securely and privately. You can send the link through email, text, WhatsApp or any other communication channel you use. The recipient will have instant access free without having to download an app or create an account.

Once you decide you no longer want to share that information with the recipient, simply delete the private sharing group and they instantly lose access. It is the perfect way to be organized, save time and protect the things that you love.

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Delete access to your shared information in 1 click

So go have that stress free date night. You deserve it!


Written by James Copeland who flies planes and designed awesome apps for a living (founder of and

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