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Reposted from Real Estate Magazine. Written By Connie Adair

A safety management system good enough for the airline industry was the inspiration for a new tool that will keep real estate agents and their clients organized beyond their wildest dreams.

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James Copeland, CEO and founder of House Manual App in Vancouver, and 21-year-real-estate veteran Dan Welyk of The Real Estate Professionals in Calgary, created the House Manual App, an easy-to-use, intuitive system that people can use to organize every aspect of their lives.

Holiday Series

The House Manual app is an easy way to organize and share information so you can make 2020 your best holiday season yet.

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With the holiday season now upon us, the scramble to ensure we are organized and prepared for Christmas Day and Hanukkah has begun. Gifts, cards, meals and events all need to be planned. And for 2020, many of us are having to prepare even more in advance as we work to share the spirit of the holidays while preparing for more social restrictions than we have ever faced before. But not to worry, our House Manual App is here to help you stay organized, simply and easily, so you can enjoy the best of the holiday season.

Sharing Christmas Lists

Christmas Lists can…

House Manual Home Insurance Series

Learn why creating an easy home inventory list is one of the most important things you can do with your time at home

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If you find yourself with extra time at home during COVID, it may be the ideal time to prepare or update your home inventory list. For most of us the most valuable things we own are the contents of our homes. As a result, a thorough, up-to-date summary of your home’s contents and associated value is essential to help ensure adequate coverage of your belongings and, in the event of a loss, that you are properly compensated.

Naturally, keeping home records is not what most of us yearn to do in our spare time. Fortunately, the House Manual app lets…

House Manual App

Create beautifully curated reference guides & notes that can be shared with anyone.

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House Manual Private Sharing is here to let you easily and securely share all or parts of your House Manual with members of your household, plus caregivers, house guests, cleaners and more.

The House Manual App Caregiver Series

Learn how to give caregivers all the resources they need to successfully meet your expectations and be perfectly prepared for emergencies

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Does your caregiver have all the information they need?

Managing caregivers can be an exceptionally difficult task. Maintaining the delicate balance of providing everything needed in an up-to-date package that can be easily referenced is an ongoing challenge. The basic information is easy to get across. But giving them all the resources they need to truly succeed and meet your expectations is tough. And what if the worst happens?

My wife and I have two young kids and I often think about preventing emergencies when we hire a baby sitter. If well equipped, a babysitter can handle most issues without a problem. …

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“What’s the wifi password”? Where can I find extra towels and linens? How do I control the AC?”. These are the questions Airbnb hosts can expect to hear from guests almost every stay. Organizing answers and anticipating needs is a key way that you can avoid: frantic calls, frustrated guests, and unintentional damage to your valuable assets.

Here are the 6 key pieces of information every Airbnb house manual should include.

1- Make settling in as easy as possible

Imagine a family with young kids arriving in the evening. They’ve just arrived after hours of packing, planning and travel. They’re delighted to be arriving at your home, but…

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As we all adapt to the events of 2020, the new fact of life is that public health, safety, and disease control is paramount on everyone’s mind. No matter the guest, every booking now comes with an expectation of a clear and concise safety plan and amenities to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

While COVID is an unprecedented challenge, it is also an opportunity for any hosts to attract guests by providing simple and easy to follow information and resources to make guests feel safe during their stay.

Here are a few tips for driving more guests to your…

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After a short lull in demand, Airbnb guests are spending a whopping 75% more now than they did this time last year, making Airbnb possibly one of the largest unexpected winners from the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is an unprecedented boom, that is largely fuelled because vacationers likely prefer isolated homes over overcrowded hotels, and because remote work can just as easily be completed from somewhere beautiful, as somewhere that is not.

But the pandemic boom also brings the added complexity of managing the careful balance of keeping things running smoothly and safely when you host your rental; a responsibility you…

House Manual, the app that lets you easily record everything you want to remember at home, is now available on the Apple App Store


VANCOUVER, Jul 7th, 2020 — House Manual is the app for organizing your house, taking care of your most valuable belongings, and making sure everyone in your household knows where things are and what to do if there is a problem. The House Manual App helps you live your best home life and take care of the things most important to you.

An unlimited resource, House Manual enables users to record anything important…

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During the Spring of 2020, my team and I found ourselves with the time to tackle long-overdue tasks around the house. 2020 has been a concerning year and getting ahead on projects to improve home life was a welcome therapy to handle the stress. Unfortunately, as to be expected, we quickly were reminded that ‘little’ projects are never little and rarely seem to be completed on time, on budget or according to plan.

The problem is that while most of us have a good idea of how our homes operate, remembering or learning the little details is surprisingly time-consuming and…

House Manual

House Manual is the app for organizing your house, taking care of your things, & making sure everyone in your household knows what to do if there is a problem.

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